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First Dungeon radio show is up!

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First Dungeon radio show is up!

Post  Dmanlamius on Sun Jun 27, 2010 11:18 am

Hi there!

The first session is up.... We still need to do some work on sound quality and getting a fast forward/skip function but all glitches will be sorted out very soon!!!!

I feature as a co-presenter on this one! welcome to the underground radio show one (top show on player)

Track list as follows

1 - The Deefons - Two Sides to Every Face

2 - Enough Weapons - Output 1-2

3 - Tortilla Army - The More I See

4 - Mash Attack - What Goes Around

5 - A*M*B*U*S*H - Better Off Dead

6 - Games - Twelv and Thesis

7 - Control of Reason - Zero

8 - Maxwell333 - Rush Limbaugh

9 - Duty Free - SFTW3

10 - Dixie Pricks - Ozark Mountain Girl

11 - Starbards - lil Diva 2

12 - Jack Martello - Sometimes Desire is Not Enough

13 - The Solved - The Meaning of the Word

14 - Liquid Fool - Bennies Farewell

Please don't be too put off by the sound quality I will make sure that we play your track again once the issue is resolved Smile

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