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Scary but true!

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Scary but true! Empty Scary but true!

Post  LTDMayhem on Thu Mar 17, 2011 12:56 am

Hello, well this looked like a good place to introduce myself, I have arrive here at this crazy hour after spending the past 30 minutes watching "learn how to play bass with a pick" on youtube! Anyway a little about myself, I'm 24, and living in the UK, and today I ordered my first bass! I have grown up with a passion for music, I am really sorry im not too sure on the rules on linking, I hope this doesn't offend anyone and feel free to remove it if it's not acceptable, I think I'm half asleep as I type this. Anyway! I have always wanted to learn how to play an instrument and I love the sound and tone of a bass,

Is probably my bass idol

Is the starter pack that I have ordered

I was basically looking for any comments on this anything would be appreciated, how it is as a starter set etc, and if it is lacking anything to get started out with, never having touched one before I didnt want to go for anything too expensive for obvious reasons. I know it will take a LONG time to get anywhere near that good. Is it a bad idea to LEARN how to play bass using a pick or if thats the sort of thing I want to aim for am I going to be in a way advantaging myself by learning using one?

Well thanks for the time of anyone who reads this and sorry for the epic essay!


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Scary but true! Empty Re: Scary but true!

Post  Davo 112233 on Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:59 am

hey man, pick or no pick that is the question, some excellent bass players play with a pick only, see Duff Mckegan, Jason Newstead etc, others play with fngers only Flea, Victon Wooten, is is god not to limit yourself to one style and have a go at any and all, I personally play with my fingers, however at the end of a 4 hour set my fingers are completely stuffed.

There are songs which sound the best with fingers, other sound best with a pick. So hope that helps.

In relation to your bass I have never heard of them, but anything to get you up and running is fine, I personally paid as much as I could aford for a great Bass I brought an Ibanez SR300, with a Peavey Max 115 amp, I have since upgraded the amp to a Fender Rumble 100 for gigging. So I would recommend buying the best bass, and an average amp, upgrade the amp later, and if you find the bass in not for you the resale is better.

Hope this helps and welcolme, there are plenty of answers here, and without a doubt, Dman is the best teacher.

Oh by the way, the quickest way to learn is to play with other musicians as soon as you can, you get beter real fast!!!

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Scary but true! Empty Re: Scary but true!

Post  Pippynip on Thu Mar 17, 2011 2:36 pm

That starter pack seems fine. It has everything I got when I started out. I paid about £90 more for my bass (plus starter pack) but it looks like you're getting a bass of similar quality Razz The only thing to bear in mind is that if you want to start gigging, you won't be able to use your amp. Your amp, like mine, can only be used for practice; it probably won't go any louder than a gramophone Smile

Scary but true! Pippynip

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Scary but true! Empty Re: Scary but true!

Post  LTDMayhem on Thu Mar 17, 2011 11:41 pm

Many may thanks for the replies! And yes it is just something very basic to get the basics down, have a friend who said he will tune it and stuff for me so hurrah for that, and thanks for you 2 cents Smile

Thought I would edit rather than post again, sooo it arrived today, very scary stuff! Apparently its been tuned and tested, it doesnt sound too bad but my god am I awful! Practise practise practise I guess! I love in the videos (ok the basics part 2 Razz) so we go from the 3rd fret to the 8th to the 5th to the 10th.... learning where they are so im not counting when I get to that bit! This will be an epic journey im sure! Also, best way for a total beginner to end a notes sound when moving up a string? down I am fine with by placing my thumb on the one I was previously playing, although that wont always be sequencial either I am guessing!

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Scary but true! Empty Re: Scary but true!

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