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Bass number 8... I gotta stop this

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Bass number 8... I gotta stop this

Post  Smaz on Mon Jul 30, 2012 8:24 pm

Here in the UK, there is a scheme called 'Take it away' which is run by the Arts Council, which allows people 18 - 25 to buy an instrument & pay over 9 months, interest free. I've used it 3 times before, it's great...

However, as I'm approaching 25, I thought it'd be rude not to use the scheme once more... And I now have a MusicMan Sterling in Candy Apple Red w/ single humbucker. It's lovely Surprised

I also bought a Boss RC3 loop station pedal yesterday too, which is great fun!

So what better way to show the new bass & pedal off, than a video:


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Re: Bass number 8... I gotta stop this

Post  MetalJacob on Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:28 pm

Very sweet! Smile The color of the bass looks great in that video. I really want an RC3, a friend has one and it seems to have significantly improved his ability to 'jam' with others.

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