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Mesa Boogie vs SVT-7PRO

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Mesa Boogie vs SVT-7PRO Empty Mesa Boogie vs SVT-7PRO

Post  CitizenSnips on Mon Sep 17, 2012 1:37 am

hi guys ive been offered a mesa boogie M-2000 just under £500 and a ampeg SVT-7PRO for roughly the same price and i was hoping someone on here would be able to give me a few pros and cons and just general thoughts on either? i play in metal/grungey band if that would make a difference?

Thanks in advance guys

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Mesa Boogie vs SVT-7PRO Empty Re: Mesa Boogie vs SVT-7PRO

Post  Stryfer on Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:10 am

I haven't had the privilage of trying either so I did a little bit of research Smile

Apparently everyone recommends getting a 400+ or M-Pulse whenever someone asks about the M-2000.
When talking about the SVT-7PRO, they praise it about being the closest thing to an all tube SVT with a lot less weight.

At a glance, I love the features of the M-2000, it really offers a lot of optionsm. However, some have said that they have a lot of problems adjusting a good sound out of it.

Now this is really ridiculous, but I've read posts by people who claim the M-2000 has an old-school sound, while SVT pros offer a more modern edgy sound - and vice-versa... Though I'm more inclined to belive the posts about SVTs because I know for a fact that Ryan from Mudvayne used Ampeg SVT pro amps up until recently.

I, myself, prefer Ampeg as a brand, but I'm more interested in the SVT-4PRO or 2PRO. Maybe it's just the fact that I like having the extra graphic EQ for tonal adjustment (which the M-2000 has).

Give Ryan's sound a listen, if you like it, you may as well go with the Ampeg. (you can hear it perfectly in this song -

I've read that Robert Trujillo from Metallica uses SVT pros and Mesa Boogie Rectifiers (though I don't think the M-2000 and rectifier have much in common).

That's about all I can offer...

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