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Rhythm Harmonic - TM Stevens

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Rhythm Harmonic - TM Stevens Empty Rhythm Harmonic - TM Stevens

Post  Stryfer on Mon Dec 10, 2012 1:01 pm

So, here's yet another technique-I-saw-in-a-vid question:

TM Stevens isn't a foreign name for those who've been on the boards for a while...I might be mistaken, but I think I remember Dman saying something about actually meeting the guy for real?

Anyway, I love what he does around the 0.20 second mark through to 0.25. It's quite a simple little trick and he explains what he's doing, yet I'm having trouble getting it down (again, me and my ear skills Embarassed ). I have a general idea of how it works and I am doing something similar, but I still feel like I'm missing something - a single dead note or some detail. So, a small tab or explanation (a short video breakdown if you've the time) of just that 5 second groove would be much appreciated Smile

If I can get that one bit down, everything else is variation.

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