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Welcome! (PLEASE READ)

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Welcome! (PLEASE READ)

Post  Admin on Wed Apr 01, 2009 10:36 pm

Hi guys, and welcome to my lovely new Bass forums!Couple of things I need to mention before you start clicking around.

Firstly, I have a couple of friends to Mod. I'm hoping you guys will keep things clean, and keep in mind that loads of young people watch my video and learn from me online. Please stick to the rules that you agreed to when signing up.

Secondly, I may not be able to answer all questions all of the time. I will do my best to answer questions, but i'm hoping that you guys will begin to help each other out and bounce ideas off each other. That would make me happy!

Thirdly, please make use of the chat that is located at the bottom of the forum. This is a cool feature which means I can chat to you guys in real-time about any questions you may have. I will ALWAYS and ONLY be named "Dmanlamius". Not Dman. Not Kris. Not anything else. Please remember that only this will be me!

Fourthly, have fun!

~Kris Rodgers~

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Re: Welcome! (PLEASE READ)

Post  Drakon7 on Wed Oct 14, 2009 10:10 pm

Request : please put

"Only Drakon7 may post inappropriate content and posts"

*sings I got the power*

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