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How to jam with a guitarist

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How to jam with a guitarist Empty How to jam with a guitarist

Post  papathaddy Mon Apr 13, 2009 7:48 pm

I noticed your new videos with jamming and was wondering if you can give tips for just jumping in and improving. You make it look easy since it every note sounds practiced, while mine sounds wrong everytime. What should i look for when playing with a guitarist you said something about the frets...THANKS!!!


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How to jam with a guitarist Empty Re: How to jam with a guitarist

Post  Dmanlamius Mon Apr 13, 2009 11:24 pm

Hey, Papa...

Ok...lets go by frets first, rather than ear. Ear can come next.

When im playing the guitar (or anyone), you can tell what im playing by looking at the corresponding notes on your bass. So fret 1 on a guitar is exactly the same note as fret 1 on the bass (in this instance, an F). This is the same all the way up the fretboard, and on all four strings we have...

It isn't always as simple as that, though. Sometimes a guitarist will hit an open string within the chord, and that will be their root...

But let's keep it simple. In the "rocky" riff I did, notice that my index finger is at the top when playing the chord. The index finger is on the "root" of the chord. As a bass player, you can use this exact same note to start your riff. You can use that one note only if you want to!

So...look at what I play...

The first chord is on the seventh fret on the second string. If you play the same, you'll see it works well. It's exactly the same note.

Then I go to the second fret on the E string (the fattest string). Do the same.

Then I go to the third fret on the E string...

Try that, and see if you understand it...Smile

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