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15 inch bass cab !

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15 inch bass cab ! Empty 15 inch bass cab !

Post  AJBOXER Tue Apr 19, 2011 9:24 am

Hi my dear bass fellows,

I'm hunting for solid 15 inch bass cab and i will be hooking it up to my bass rig which is 4x10 ashdown and a ashdown mag 300H.
The lot is at 300 watts and i was thinking about a GK, ampeg or a markbass and i'll go to 600 bucks och pounds at a push but please help me beacuse its a friggin jungle!
Prefferable requirements are 8 ohms at 400 watts

Sincerley, Alex


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15 inch bass cab ! Empty Re: 15 inch bass cab !

Post  SuperMaximo93 Tue Apr 19, 2011 11:46 am

Moved to gear chat Smile

This might not what you want to hear but the best option is just to try out cabs if you can, with your amp head. Every cab will have a different sound to it!

If you can't, then the safest option would be to get a 1x15 Ashdown from the same range as your 4x10. Although GK, Ampeg and Markbass are very good brands. With Ampeg I've heard that their cheaper stuff isn't that great, but the more expensive stuff is basically the industry standard as far as I can tell. Need a good amp but can't be bothered to do any research whatsoever? Get an Ampeg Razz

I don't know much about GK. As for Markbass, from what I can tell from their amps (one of which I own), their goal is to bring out the true sound of the bass. They don't colour or 'enhance' your basses tone, they just straight up amplify it. This means that if you have a rubbish bass your tone might end up sounding rubbish Razz

Lastly, try to go used if you can, you'll be able to get a better cab for less money Smile

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