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Free Bass guitar lessons
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New Bass!

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New Bass! Empty New Bass!

Post  NEDMInsane Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:53 am

Well ive been playing my Washburn Taurus t-14 for a while now, about 3 years or something cant quite remember. And was getting kind of bored. While im not too good of a bass player (as i say, i rarly let anyone hear me play as im kinda self conscious about how well i play, anything i come up with, to me, sound like garbage, might post something on youtube some time.), i thought it was time for a bit of a challenge. 4 strings? well that seemed to easy, even though i cant really be super good at it i wanted something with a little more challenge to it. I had played guitar for 2 years before putting it down and picking up a bass, because my fingers where way too fat for the strings, maybe it was just that guitars string spacing but that kind of turned me off guitars, and got into bass.

Well i thought hey why not try six strings once again. I got me a ESP LTD B-206SM. Looked like the best bang for the buck.

Anyone here own one?


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