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problem learning 1st song

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problem learning 1st song Empty problem learning 1st song

Post  Jen4 on Thu Nov 20, 2014 4:01 am

hi im really new to bass its my 1st instrument i want to master & several others. im stuck trying to learn my first song. what im trying to play is putting holes in happiness by marilyn manson. theres a cool video thats teaching me how to play it but its done in tabs. im having difficulty with the picking pattern on the main riff. the chorus & pre chorus are very easy parts, thats the part where tim skold (in the video) is useing his thumb or fingers. that past is easy & i can do it but when he plays the main riff for the second time he adds extra notes he didnt play the first time & its really screwing me up i cant for the life of me get the picking or length of notes correct. sometimes i want to throw the bass on the floor, im not sure why im not getting this right??? its tabed as 2222555 and the following notes i think are the same throught the entire song, then he plays it a bit differently all 3 times he plays that part on the second time he does the main riff. im really really stuck here so soon in the song & feels like im never going to get it. can some one please please please tell me the length of each note? it would help alot because its done in tab it lacks the notation sheet information etc. i cant figureout the note lengths & my eyes become a constant blurr starring too hard at this video tab. im sure you will need to watch the video to see it, its on youtube its called imv behind the player tim skold. its the bass version of the song he also teaches it in guitar lesson but i cant play guitar. i have bass so its the tabs for the bass lesson. if anybody can help me i think if i knew the actual note length it will help me tremendously. thanks.

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problem learning 1st song Empty Re: problem learning 1st song

Post  Spoon on Sat Nov 22, 2014 4:51 pm

You tried something like this to use in tandem?

Welcome to the forum. We are not that active anymore but hey-ho

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