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I've got a blister, Mister!

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I've got a blister, Mister! Empty I've got a blister, Mister!

Post  Admin Wed Apr 01, 2009 11:41 am

I've got a blister, Mister!

Well, lets look at it this way:

A blister is a very good sign that you have been practicing hard. A blister is a war wound that shows that you actually "mean" it...

Be proud!

Ok, after that little spurt of self admiration, we are still left with the problem of said blister. What are we going to do?

Ok, firstly there are a number of types of blister. There are ones that only slightly raise over the skin. Some go under in a way, and others just sit there like a balloon, saying "pop me! pop me!'

I always popped those ones. Pop it with a needle (a nice and clean one, please!), don't take the skin off, and don't play bass for a day. Let it heal. The skin add's a layer of protection, that will form a defense. The skin will harden. and you proneness (is that even a word!?) to getting blisters will lessen. You can also use anti-bacterial cream, just to keep it nice and clean.

I personally just play through the others. They go in the end. But the main thing to consider here is pain.

If it hurts....stop playing. Let it heal. What we don't want to be doing, is messing up the new skin beneath the blister. We need to let it heal.

Superglue is also a short-term option. Just a little bit over the blister.

Wait for superglue to dry.

Do NOT superglue fingers to bass strings.

If you are like me, you'll find it hard to part from your bass guitar...but that is just taking it a step too far...

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