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Bass head and cab matching??

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Bass head and cab matching?? Empty Bass head and cab matching??

Post  CitizenSnips Mon May 21, 2012 9:35 pm

hi guys, i'm at my witts end with trying to work this out ive read alot of technical jargon which is well beyond my understanding about this was hoping someone here could help me understand what it all means Smile heres my problem i'm planning on buying a orange TB1000H head and would also like to get a orange cab to go with it and so ive been looking at buying a orange sp212 which is rated at 600watts and 8 ohms and the head is rated at 1000 watts and switchable independance between 4 or 8 ohm so if i were to buy that cab then buy another cab rated at say 400 watts i presume it would have to be 8 ohms aswell for the head to handle it??

hope someone understands my rambling and can help or maybe suggest another amp or amps to run with the head Smile

thanks in advance guys

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