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Tabs for the 4-chord songs?

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Tabs for the 4-chord songs? Empty Tabs for the 4-chord songs?

Post  Lennox Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:32 pm


first of all, sorry for my bad english.
i am learning bass for some months now, and is a really great help for me.
but i want to know if there are any tabs for the "four chord songs", seen on YT by e.g. the axis of awesome.

is it possible to translate those four chords, which are used by many famous songs, to the bass guitar? i know that you usually dont play chords on bass, but i learned the tabs for Dont stop believing by Journey, and its one of the songs in this video:
would be nice to learn those tabs, and play many songs.

thanks for helping me, and i hope you can read my poor english ^^

greetings from Austria
Lennox aka Stefan/Steve


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Tabs for the 4-chord songs? Empty Re: Tabs for the 4-chord songs?

Post  Pippynip Fri Jun 08, 2012 6:32 pm

My German is rubbish (I know 'wilkommen', 'ja' and 'kartoffel' Very Happy), so there's no need to apologise Smile In any case, your English is better than most English people's English.

Anyway... it is and it isn't. I think most of the songs in the four chord song use the same chord progession, but because the songs are not in the same key, they don't use the same chords. The chord progression is I - V - VI - IV. I'll tab that out in C, using steady 8th notes.



Sometimes the chords aren't used in that pattern either. For example, Stand By Me goes I - VI - IV - V.

So yes - it might take a little more work than you originally planned for, but if you just learn those four chords and put them in the right order for each song, a whole array of pop songs will be at your fingertips Very Happy

Tabs for the 4-chord songs? Pippynip

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