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Got any general tips?

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Got any general tips? Empty Got any general tips?

Post  Admin Wed Apr 01, 2009 11:42 am

Any general tips?

Another question from my man Reverend, via myspace...

Ok, i'll most likely keep on updating or adding to this, as I know for a fact that new tips will come to me all the time!

1. Do my hand and tendon exercises all the time. Make them like a prayer. This will strengthen your tendons, and keep the nasties away.

2. Check out my practice tips on this blog. It's important to practice stuff properly, rather than just doing it.

3. Tap beats out on random things. Your thighs, chest, table, whatever. Get into the rhythm state of mind. Make timing second nature to you. Even though this will annoy the hell out of your partner/parents, it's a good way of programming your brain into better timing.

4. Experiment and investigate different time signatures (this goes with the above). Start tapping them out on things when you don't have your bass!

5. Visualise where you want to be in the next six months. If you want to be gigging, see yourself on stage, and it going perfectly well. Turn the colours up...make them brighter and brighter. Smile! Educate yourself in how the brain works concerning creative visualization. If the mind has already done something, it's easier to do it again the second time round. The mind knows no difference between the real world, and the imagined world.

6. Strengthen yourself. Keep fit.

7. Take your bass out into nature, and just play. Avoid extremities of weather, though.

8. Investigate an unfamiliar style of music, or take a look at "bass inspirations" on my site.

9. Investigate inspirational people (Again, I have a good list on my site of people that inspire me.)

10. Close your eyes, and randomly place your fingers onto the strings. Mess around with chords.

11. Have your bass with you when you can. On the net, or watching tv etc. Try and play along to adverts. If this is too hard, just find the starting note of any tune that maybe playing.

12. Practise...again.

13. Try and tap your foot or nod your head when playing. This doesnt have to be extreme. It can be subtle, but try and get your whole body in the rhythmic way of thinking.

14. Learn simple scales. Learn to do them with your eyes closed.

15. Close your eyes and play something simple. Learn to feel the bass notes vibrate through your body. If this is done enough, you'll get a better understanding and feel for the bass in the long run.

16. Jam with other musicians on the same level as you as soon as possible. Communicate ideas. Talk. Jam. Have fun.

17. Don't be too hard on yourself if you aren't progressing at the speed you thought you would be. Stay positive. All good things come to those that wait, trust me.

18. Learn as many techniques as you can, so you have many ways of playing, and many choices.

19. Learn where the notes are on your fretboard, and where their octaves are.

20. Have fun. Don't take yourself too seriously!

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